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445nm 2W Ultra Powerful Blue laser Flashlight Focusable

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650nm 250mw Red burning laser pointer

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532nm 20 mW Green Beam Laser Sight

Green Laser sight w/pressure switch and \\\"8\\\"type 25.4X25.4mm; Windage and elevation adjustment; High grade alumium construction; Includes remote pressure switch and cord More »


Analog Modulation VS TTL Modulation

Analog Modulation VS TTL Modulation


The default modulation is Analog.  (TTL modulation can be customized. )



Analog modulation:

1. Use Analog modulation can adjust the laser output power.
2. We use 0~5V voltage as the analog single.



TTL modulation:

1. High voltage signal turn on the laser power, low voltage signal turn off the laser power.
2. The high voltage is about 3V, The low voltage is about 1V.



3500mw blue laser pointer button issue


1. First of all, please make sure the batteries work well and    installed correctly.

Use 2 x 16340  or  2 x 18650  or 2 x 26650;

Positive to laser head;

Never use 3 batteries together;




2. Use a 5V USB wire test the laser head.

Remove the battery tube compartment, there is a  interface can connect the 5v USB power.
laser pointer usb interface

3. Tight the end cap.


laser pointer cap

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3. Company Bank Account(NaKu Technology Co., Ltd)
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Important Note:
1. If the Payment is a transfer to our company account.
We will declare the actual amount of the transaction,and the goods need to customs clearance before shipment.
Tariffs borne by the customer.

Back button issue/switch issue – Confirm other parts can work normally

Back button issue

Confirm other parts can work normally!

In this case, we only need to send a new Tail-hood button to our customer.

Tighten the cap

Tighten the cap



Tighten the cap

How to clean Laser lens , CO2 laser lens cleaning

How to clean Laser lens , CO2 laser lens cleaning


How to clean Laser lens , CO2 laser lens cleaning

Be flexible cleaning against light pollution (dust, fiber particles)
Use a blow balloon, blown off the contaminants which scattered on the surface of the optical element.


How to clean Laser lens , CO2 laser lens cleaning

Be flexible cleaning for slight contamination (stains, fingerprints)
Infiltration a unused swab or cotton balls with acetone or isopropyl alcohol] . Gently wipe the surface of the optical element with a wet cotton, do not force friction. Drag wet cotton on the surface, drag speed control. The stay behind of the wet cotton liquid can be evaporate immediately, so they will not leave marks.
Can only use plain paper body stick cotton swabs, and high-quality medical cotton. We recommend the use of reagent grade acetone or isopropyl alcohol.

How to clean Laser lens , CO2 laser lens cleaning


Be strong cleaning for heavily polluted (splatter) optics
Infiltration a unused swab or cotton balls with acetone or isopropyl alcohol] . Gently wipe the surface of the optical element with a wet cotton.Wipe dry the excess isopropyl alcohol with a clean cotton swab on the optical element.If you removed the thin film coating.the performance of the optical element will be completely destroyed. If the color of the optical element is changed, it means the thin film coating has been removed, you need to replace a new one if the lens coatings damaged.


Instruction: 980nm 3W 3000mw Infrared Laser Pointer invisible laser pointer

Product Link:



1. Load Batteries: : Load “-” negative end of battery first.

2. Switch on the Tail Switch:: There are two options of tail
switches, one is the Keylock Switch, the other is the Simple Button

2-1: The Keylock Switch: Turn into the keylock on tailcap with
the key Clockwise, the LED indicator will turn on.

2-2: Simple Button Switch: Depress the button on the tailcap, the
LED indicator for the power supply will turn on.

3: Turn the Beam On

3-1: Constantly On/Off Button: the lower button
▃ Depress Constantly On/Off Button,the beam is on.
▃ Depress it again,the beam is off.

3-2. Momentarily On/Off Button: the upper button
▃ Depress the Momentarily On/Off Button, the beam is on.
▃ Loosen the press, the beam is off.

4..Switch the Beam Off
▃ Press the Constantly on/off button to turn the beam off.
▃ Switch the beam off at any state by pressing the tail power

Instructions: 2015 new 445nm 3500mw blue laser pointer

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1. Battery installation;
Positive to laser head;
2 x 26650 / 2 x 18650 / 2 x 16340 Batteries;

2. 4 Modes
Strong power / Middle power / Weak power / Pulse power

3. Cyclic replacement Mode
Press the mode button:
Weak power -> Power off -> …

Press the mode button,and hold down for more than 2 seconds:
Strong power -> Middle power -> Weak power -> Pulse power -> Power off ….




Burning laser pointer focus adjustable the best position for burning

Burning laser pointer focus adjustable the best position for burning



Comparison of brightness of light spot and beam among lasers of different wavelengths

Comparison of brightness of light spot and beam among lasers of different wavelengths


Some beginners often ask me how much the power of 532nm laser equivalent to the brightness of 445nm laser is

The question may not be so easy to answer, because the sensitive degree of each eye to light of different wavelengths is not the same.
And the feelings will be also different in the dark and light conditions .
Scientists have established light / dark vision functions respectively according to the mean value of human vision in the light / dark environments.
When the brightness is more than 3cd/㎡, it is a photopic vision, and pyramidal cells play a major role, peak value of V(λ)will be between 550nm~560nm; when the brightness is less than 0.03cd/㎡, it is a scotopic vision, rod cells play a major role, peak value of V(λ)shifts to short wavelength, equivalent to blue green parts between 500~510nm. Functions with brightness between 3~0.03 also appear in this position.

First let’s discuss the spot brightness. Spot brightness is basically decided by visual function when the power and density are the same.
The function value of 532nm is very high both in light and dark conditions, so it has relatively high brightness.
While the function value of 445nm is quite different in light and dark conditions, theoretically, the brightness is very low in daytime and has a good effect in night.
But, in fact, we also need to consider the factor of the main light.

For example, observe spots in the sunlight.

This is the power distribution of sun light.

Spot brightness also depends on the difference value of light source.
Just like 445nm, it is in a depressed position of solar spectrum, so it has a obvious contrast that the brightness of observation under sunlight has improved.
Next, let’s talk about the beam brightness.
Beam brightness is not only related with vision function but also has a great relationship with the scattering rate.

Even when they have the same power and beam diameter, because the air scattering rate is not the same, their power density will be different.
Atmospheric scattering is divided into various types, some have a stronger scattering to short wave, while some have basically the same scattering to full waves.
So this has enhanced beam brightness of short wave like 445nm once again, but it has also increased the loss of distant 445nm beam, therefore, 445nm beam often looks bright up close and dark at a distance.




Finally, I would like to remind of the safety of yourselves and others.

Ensure that there is no any personnel near light path or new light path that may be generated by reflection.
We are not recommending to observe laser spot up close with naked eyes without any protection.