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1615nm IR Invisible Fiber Laser Source

This is a 1615nm 200mW infrared fiber coupled laser source. The output power is 0~200mW adjustable by adjusting the working current. Turn the ‘Adjustor’ knob on the power supply clockwise, when the current exceeds the minimum working current, the Laser indicator light turns green, and there is laser output at this time. When the ‘Adjustor’ is rotated clockwise to the end, it is the max working current and the max output power of the laser.


The Optical fiber is removable. The optical fiber interface is FC/PC, and it can be customized. The 1615nm laser is an infrared laser, which cannot be observed by the human eye. We use an infrared sensitive film to observe the light spot.





450nm 1500mW Software Control Fiber Laser

Today we are talking about software-controlled laser system. This is 450nm blue fiber coupled laser source controlled by software. EasyHost is the control software. The connection between the laser and PC software adopts the communication protocol of RS232. The laser supports two working modes: CW/Modulation. When switching to Modulation, an external signal input is required. This is a fiber-coupled laser, and a free-space output laser can also be customized.

Software operation:
Click the [Open COM] button to connect the control circuit of the laser. Multiple laser working parameters can be viewed/set in the software. As a special reminder, it is necessary to set amaximum working current parameter according to the current laser, so as to avoid the later adjusted current being too high and damaging the laser.




30dBm EDFA Single-mode Fiber Laser Module

This is a C-Band 30dBm module type EDFA. It is equipped with SMF-28e single-mode fiber, and polarization-maintaining fiber can also be customized. This is a high-power EDFA, with a row of aluminum sheets on one side of the shell for easy heat dissipation. This is a modular design, and desktop EDFA can also be customized. Let’s check it now.

High power erbium doped fiber amplifier (EYDFA-HP-BA),based on amplification technology of double clad erbium doped fiber, unique optical packaging technology, and with reliable hardware light path protection design, realized high power laser output in C band or L band, It has the advantages of high gain and low noise, and can be widely used in CATV, optical fiber communication, laser radar, etc..



The test report & spectrum analysis chart of C-Band 30dBm SM EDFA.

civillaser-high-power-edfa-module-5 civillaser-high-power-edfa-module-6

The relationship between power current and output power.



1064nm Infrared Laser 10W High Power DPSS Laser

It is 1064nm high power laser with heat sink at the bottom of the laser head. It adopts air cooling mode, with 2 cooling fans. The light outlet has a protective cover. The modulation mode can be selected from the original TTL or Analog, and upgraded to be compatible with both.

When the key is turned ON, the laser starts to work. The knob is to adjust the current size, thereby adjusting the laser output power. Preheat for 1 to 5 minutes, and the laser power reaches the maximum value.


The connector connecting the laser head to the power supply has a protective cover. When installing the laser, it needs to be unscrewed first.




SM Fiber Laser System SLD Broadband Light Source

SLD broadband light source adopts super radiant semiconductor diode light-emitting chip, which outputs broadband spectrum with low coherence degree and high output optical power spectral density. The operating wavelength can be selected from O, S, C, L and other bands, suitable for optical OCT, optical fiber sensing applications.

This is a 1550nm 10mW SLD light source of module type. It is equipped with a single mode fiber. It can be customized power adjustable version. When the power adjustment is selected, the power adjustment is controlled through the RS232 serial communication. The standard version is a fixed power mode, the light source is controlled by the button. We tested it with an infrared photosensitive film, and we could see a light spot.


The test data report and spectrum of 1550nm light source.