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Single-mode Fiber Laser 528nm 10mW Green TEM00 Laser Source

In the video below is 528nm 10mW fiber laser system. It is configured with single-mode fiber. The screen can display the current power, and the power can be adjusted through the buttons. 10%~100% output power can be adjusted. The power regulation accuracy is 0.1mW. The highest power of this unit is 10mW, other output power can be customized. Here is SM fiber output, PM fiber output can be customized.

This laser adopts semiconductor laser chip, and the professionally designed drive and temperature control circuit temperature control ensures the safe operation of the laser, stable output power and spectrum, and excellent spot quality (TEM00 mode).


The test data sheet of 528nm 10mW SM fiber laser source.


Spectral graphs at different powers.

Power stability at different power levels. It can be customized to achieve the most stable state under the specified power.

435nm 18W Blue Semiconductor Laser Fiber Output

Today we are showing the 435nm fiber coupled laser. The power is 18W, and it is adjustable. The Adjustor button on the power supply is used to adjust the working current, and the laser output power can be adjusted by adjusting the current. The laser supports CW continuous working and Modulation working mode, which can be adjusted by the slider button on the back of the laser power supply. Next we demonstrate the CW working mode of this laser. Let’s check it now.

Laser output without fiber optic installed.


Here the optical fiber interface at the laser module end is FC/PC, align the buckle, insert the fiber, and tighten the fixing nut.

Laser output after installing the optical fiber.



1550nm Single Stage PM Optic Isolator

Today we are going to explain the 1550nm single-stage fiber isolator. 1310nm PM fiber isolator is optional. The default fiber is PM1550 fiber. The FC/APC interface is used by default, other interfaces can be customized according to your needs. Let’s check it now.


The Polarization Maintaining Isolator is characterized with low insertion loss, high isolation, high return loss, high extinction ratio and excellent environmental stability and reliability. It is ideal for polarization maintaining fiber amplifers, fiber lasers, high speed communication systems and instrumentation applications.



Test report for 1550nm polarization maintaining fiber isolator.


976nm Invisible Laser 9W High Power Laser Coupled Fiber

What we are talking about today is the 976nm 9W fiber coupled laser. The laser power is adjustable, and the laser output power is controlled by button. It is equipped with 105μm optical fiber output by default. It can be customized software control, use RS232-USB data cable to connect computer software.


976nm is an infrared laser, invisible to the naked eye, and a faint red light spot can be photographed with an ordinary camera.

Instructions for operation:
Press the middle square button to enter the setting state.
The laser adjusts the output power by adjusting the current.
The left and right arrows select data bits.
The up and down arrows adjust the size of the value on the data bit.
Finally, press the square button to complete the setting.
When the key is turned ON, the Active indicator lights up, the laser is officially working, and there is laser output.


High-power laser light source is based on high-performance semiconductor laser chip, 105/125μm fiber coupling output. The professionally designed constant current drive and temperature control circuit ensure the safe and stable operation of the laser. Some models have wavelength locking, and the spectral stability can be better than ±3nm. Ideal for medical research, fiber laser pumping, and other production testing. Desktop or module packaging can be provided, and host computer monitoring software can be provided.


1070nm Single-mode Fiber Laser Source Benchtop

This laser adopts all-fiber laser technology, professionally designed and driven temperature control circuit and control to ensure the safe operation of the laser and stable laser output power and spectrum. It is suitable as a seed laser for higher power laser systems, and can also be used for production testing of optical fiber devices.

This is 1070nm SM fiber laser system. The maximum power is 1W, 10%~100% power can be adjusted, adjusted by button, the adjustment accuracy is 1mW. You can adjust the wavelength by adjusting the temperature. This is a custom function and is not supported by default. By default, the laser is controlled by the button, and it can also be controlled by custom software, using the RS232-USB data cable to link the computer software.




This laser coupled singlemode fiber, the output of PM fiber can be customized. With LCD screen, it can display the current power and the currently set temperature.
Adjust the laser output power and laser wavelength by button. Press the middle square button to start the setup mode. The left and right arrows switch whether to set the laser output power or the temperature. The up and down arrows are used to adjust the size of the corresponding parameters. After the setting is complete, turn the switch key to ON. The Active indicator lights up and the laser starts to output.


This is the test data report.


The spectrogram when the temperature is set to 60℃.


880nm 20W Fiber Laser Source NIR Invisiable Laser

This is 880nm 20W high power infrared laser. A fiber coupling interface is added to the laser output port, which can be inserted into a fiber. A cooling device is added at the bottom of the laser module, which is composed of aluminum sheet and cooling fans. The laser supports CW continuous work and modulation work mode, which can be adjusted by the slider button on the back of the laser power supply.

880nm-20w-fiber-coupled-laser-1 880nm-20w-fiber-coupled-laser-3

The optical fiber is pluggable, the default fiber interface is FC/PC, and the fiber interface can be customized. The Adjustor button on the power supply is used to adjust the working current, so as to adjust the laser output power. Let’s check it now.

The 880nm laser is a near-infrared laser, basically invisible, only a faint red dot can be seen on the light shield.