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532nm 7W High Power Diode Pumped Laser

This time it is a 532nm green DPSS laser commonly used in laboratories. Its output power can reach 7000mW.  A heat dissipation module is added to the bottom of the laser. There are 2 cooling fans at the bottom of the laser heat dissipation. There are two working modes, CW/Modulation, to choose from on the back of the power supply.


There is a protective cover on the interface where the laser head is connected to the laser power supply. When connecting, the protective cover needs to be removed first. The light outlet of the laser head has a protective cover, which must be removed before starting the machine.

The Knob on the front of the power supply is used to adjust the current, thereby controlling the laser output power. Adjust the output power to maximum. After preheating for about 1 minute, the laser can output continuously and stably.

The high power green laser beam. The following are the effects of indoor shooting during the day.



1064nm 15W Semiconductor Laser with Radiator Extend the Working Time

This is a laser system that adjusts the power by adjusting the current. To adjust the current, turn the ‘Adjustor’ knob clockwise, when the current exceeds the min working current, the Laser indicator turns green, and there is laser output. ‘Adjustor’ rotates clockwise to the end, which is the max working current and the max output power of the laser. In addition, the red STOP button is used for emergency stop, and it is not needed under normal circumstances. Let’s check it now.

This is a 1064nm 15W high power infrared laser. An aluminum heat sink is installed under the laser module, which can effectively extend the continuous working time. The radiator is equipped with two cooling fans. There is a small power interface on the side of the data cable close to the laser head for the cooling fan. In addition, the Lock crystal head cannot be pulled out. External signal Mod Input, no need to connect in CW mode. The IR laser supports 3 working modes: CW/TTL/Analog. The above video demonstrates CW working mode.



1064nm is invisible to the human eye. We use an infrared photosensitive film to view the light spot.

Safety reminder:
Wear laser safety glasses when operating high-power lasers.
Laser irradiation of human eyes and skin is prohibited.



LuckLaser vs Wickedlasers | Whats the difference of high power blue laser pointer between Wickedlasers and LuckLaser?

LuckLaser vs Wickedlasers | Whats the difference of high power blue laser pointer between Wickedlasers and LuckLaser?


445nm 2W Ultra Powerful Blue laserpointer Burning laser

LuckLaser WickLasers
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Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Switch Push Button Constant On / Off Push Button Constant On / Off, Lock-Out Tail Cap, Electronic Mode switch
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Different laser wavelengths which band burning something stronger?

Different laser wavelengths which band burning something stronger?


405nm has the most powerful to burn object, but portable laser cannot be made to very high output, low beam light, even cannot be seen in daytime.

2W near infrared is very powerful, but divergence, beam spot almost invisible;

The high power of 532/635/650nm, can be long distance to burning object, the effect much better than blue.

445nm, single photon energy is very high, so as power, short distance burning is the best, but the burning ability will decline when the distance being longer, but with the increase of output, the long distance burning effect will gradually catch up the low power of green.