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589nm 3W Yellow DPSS Laser For Scientific Research

The 589nm yellow laser is a new light source that has important applications in spectroscopy, laser positioning and navigation, astronomy, and other fields. It also has broad application prospects in the fields of laser sodium guide, laser radar, laser medical, stage performance, urban viewing, defense military and scientific research.

In the video above is a 589nm 3W yellow DPSS laser system. It has two working modes, CW and Modulation, and the switch button is on the back of the laser power supply. Trigger is the modulation signal input interface. There is a protective cover on the connector of the laser module and the laser power supply cable, and the protective cover must be removed before connecting.





543nm Green Solid State Laser with SMA905 Optical Fiber

This is a 543nm solid state laser system. The output power is 100mW, it can be adjusted by the rotary button on the power supply. The red button is the power switch. The key is a laser switch. The middle LCD shows the current working current. The rotary button on the right is to adjust the current size.

There are 3 working modes for the laser to choose from. Select the working mode CW/TTL/Analog by the sliding button on the back of the power supply.


This laser coupled a 1000μm, 3 meters in length, SMA905 interface fiber, and its can be customized.


The effect of laser output from the fiber port.