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395nm 2W UV Laser Source Fiber Output


This is 395nm 2000mW UV laser source system. The laser module with radiator on the bottom and the radiator includes 2 cooling fans. When the laser is working, the operating current is displayed on the laser power supply, and the laser output power can be adjusted by rotating the button. 395nm is a near-ultraviolet laser, and a weak blue-violet light spot can be seen on the light shielding plate. Let’s check it now.

As can be seen from the video, this is a fiber optic coupling device, which is a multi-mode fiber and the fiber is pluggable. The coupling optical fiber can be customized. The one used here is 100μm, 2m in length, and the interface is FC/PC. There is a buckle on the interface. When installing the optical fiber, insert the optical fiber into the buckle and tighten it.





523.5nm DPSS Laser VS 532nm Green Laser

Both 523.5nm and 532nm are green DPSS lasers. The light spots are all in TEM00 mode. 532nm is the most common green laser. Today we will provide a detailed introduction to the 523.5nm laser. The power output of this laser adjustable ranges from 1mW to 50mW.  Please watch the video below.

Compared with 532nm laser, 523.5nm laser has narrower line width, better optical performance and higher stability.

523.5nm 50mw dpss laser spot.


532nm 1W green laser besam.


532nm 10W high power dpss laser strong green laser beam.



Single-mode Fiber Laser 528nm 10mW Green TEM00 Laser Source

In the video below is 528nm 10mW fiber laser system. It is configured with single-mode fiber. The screen can display the current power, and the power can be adjusted through the buttons. 10%~100% output power can be adjusted. The power regulation accuracy is 0.1mW. The highest power of this unit is 10mW, other output power can be customized. Here is SM fiber output, PM fiber output can be customized.

This laser adopts semiconductor laser chip, and the professionally designed drive and temperature control circuit temperature control ensures the safe operation of the laser, stable output power and spectrum, and excellent spot quality (TEM00 mode).


The test data sheet of 528nm 10mW SM fiber laser source.


Spectral graphs at different powers.

Power stability at different power levels. It can be customized to achieve the most stable state under the specified power.

435nm 18W Blue Semiconductor Laser Fiber Output

Today we are showing the 435nm fiber coupled laser. The power is 18W, and it is adjustable. The Adjustor button on the power supply is used to adjust the working current, and the laser output power can be adjusted by adjusting the current. The laser supports CW continuous working and Modulation working mode, which can be adjusted by the slider button on the back of the laser power supply. Next we demonstrate the CW working mode of this laser. Let’s check it now.

Laser output without fiber optic installed.


Here the optical fiber interface at the laser module end is FC/PC, align the buckle, insert the fiber, and tighten the fixing nut.

Laser output after installing the optical fiber.



915nm 3W IR MM Fiber Coupled Laser System

Usually we often see visible lasers, but few people will test infrared invisible lasers. Today we tested a 915nm infrared laser and its output power of 3000mW. Then when it is coupled through the fiber, what is the output power of the fiber end? Let’s check it now.

The optical fiber can be customized. 100μm~1000μm fiber is optional, the coupling efficiency of different fibers will be somewhat different. The larger the core diameter, the higher the coupling efficiency, usually the coupling efficiency is 80%~90 percent. In addition, the fiber length and interface also can be customzied. Here is 1000μm, SMA interface fiber.

The output power of the laser is adjustable from 0 to 3000mW, which can be adjusted by the knob. It supports 3 working modes, CW/TTL/Analog, switch the working mode on the back of the laser power supply. In TTL/Analog modulation mode, an external modulation signal needs to be connected.



The 915nm laser is an infrared laser, invisible light, we use an infrared sensitive film to observe. Faint light spots can also be photographed with a camera.



1064nm Infrared Laser 10W High Power DPSS Laser

It is 1064nm high power laser with heat sink at the bottom of the laser head. It adopts air cooling mode, with 2 cooling fans. The light outlet has a protective cover. The modulation mode can be selected from the original TTL or Analog, and upgraded to be compatible with both.

When the key is turned ON, the laser starts to work. The knob is to adjust the current size, thereby adjusting the laser output power. Preheat for 1 to 5 minutes, and the laser power reaches the maximum value.


The connector connecting the laser head to the power supply has a protective cover. When installing the laser, it needs to be unscrewed first.




405nm SM Fiber Laser Controlled by Button Operational Demo

This is a video about a desktop laser with button control of the laser output. we demonstrate with a 405nm 20mW SM fiber laser. It is controlled by buttons by default, and it can also be controlled by software. The laser is equipped with single-mode fiber output, and polarization-maintaining fiber output can also be customized. It has LCD display, real-time display of current power. The power is adjustable, and the adjustment accuracy is 0.1mW. Let’s check it now.

Adjust the laser output power:
Press the middle square button to enter setup mode.
The left and right arrow buttons are used to select the digital position to be adjusted.
The up and down arrow buttons are used to adjust the size of the numbers.
Finally press the middle square button to save and exit the settings.
When the key is turned ON, the Active indicator lights up, indicating that there is laser output.


This laser adopts semiconductor laser chip, and the professionally designed drive and temperature control circuit temperature control ensures the safe operation of the laser, stable output power and spectrum, and excellent spot quality (TEM00 mode).

The test data report and optical spectrum of 405nm fiber laser source.

civillaser-405nm-20mw-sm-fiber-laser-4 civillaser-405nm-20mw-sm-fiber-laser-5



1070nm Single-mode Fiber Laser Source Benchtop

This laser adopts all-fiber laser technology, professionally designed and driven temperature control circuit and control to ensure the safe operation of the laser and stable laser output power and spectrum. It is suitable as a seed laser for higher power laser systems, and can also be used for production testing of optical fiber devices.

This is 1070nm SM fiber laser system. The maximum power is 1W, 10%~100% power can be adjusted, adjusted by button, the adjustment accuracy is 1mW. You can adjust the wavelength by adjusting the temperature. This is a custom function and is not supported by default. By default, the laser is controlled by the button, and it can also be controlled by custom software, using the RS232-USB data cable to link the computer software.




This laser coupled singlemode fiber, the output of PM fiber can be customized. With LCD screen, it can display the current power and the currently set temperature.
Adjust the laser output power and laser wavelength by button. Press the middle square button to start the setup mode. The left and right arrows switch whether to set the laser output power or the temperature. The up and down arrows are used to adjust the size of the corresponding parameters. After the setting is complete, turn the switch key to ON. The Active indicator lights up and the laser starts to output.


This is the test data report.


The spectrogram when the temperature is set to 60℃.