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808nm 100mW Semiconductor Laser Coupled PM Optical Fiber

808nm fiber-coupled laser uses PM fiber coupling, which has the advantages of high coupling efficiency and good output laser beam quality. The TEC temperature control system is used to ensure that the laser is more stable and has better performance. Compact structure, strong and reliable, suitable for various industrial and scientific research applications.

This is 808nm 100mW infrared lab laser system coupled PM fiber. The working voltage is AC 90~240V and supports wide range voltage. Its laser power can be adjusted from 0~100mW, and it supports two working modes of CW/Modulation.
808nm is infrared laser, invisible laser, here use infrared sensitive film to observe the spot.


The test report of 808nm 100mW IR PM fiber coupled laser system.





520nm 22W Lab Laser Fiber Output PC Control

This is 520nm high power green fiber laser system. This laser adds software control. Use RS232-USB to connect the laser and computer software.The laser output power can be adjusted by software. Using EasyHost software, you can also write your own programs to control the lower computer according to the communication protocol.
The output power is 22W laser, it is a high-power laser, we added a heat sink under the laser module. The heat sink is composed of aluminum sheets and 3 cooling fans. Its fiber is pluggable, here we choose a 1000μm fiber. Let’s check it now.

Software Operation:
Click ‘Open COM’, the software links the lower computer control circuit of the laser. When starting the software for the first time, set the maximum current first, and set a maximum current value according to the laser test report. If the current is too large, it is easy to burn out the laser chip. For each laser, the maximum current must be set first.





9*9 81 Grids Laser Diode Module Matrix

This is our best selling laser module. Its pattern is composed of 81 grids and a center point. The laser focal length is adjustable, which is convenient for different working distances. The red module is shown in the video, and the green laser and blue laser can also be customized. The video is real shot by mobile phone. Let’s check it now.

The actual effect projected on the wall.

In addition, We also have laser modules for many other patterns.