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Newest! 760nm Laser + Power Supply Integrated Fiber Laser

What we brought this time was the 760 1500mW all-in-one fiber laser.  The laser power supply and laser output part are integrated in one chassis. There is a PC/M button on the back of the laser, the default is ‘M’ mode, that is, manual mode. ‘PC’ mode is software control mode, users can add this function. The Modulation interface on the back is used to connect 0~10KHz modulation signal. When there is no signal input, it is CW continuous working mode. Let’s check it now.

The 760nm 1500mW fiber laser integrated machine is a laser device that integrates high power, high precision and high stability. It uses a 760nm wavelength laser light source with a maximum output power of up to 1500mW, which can meet the needs of various high-precision and high-demand industrial applications.



The test data of this 760nm fiber coupled laser.


Laser output power stability diagram.


Graph of laser power and operating current in M-mode.


Output power under software, in PC mode.

The laser Spectral diagram.



1550nm 1MHz Narrow Linewidth Laser SM Fiber Output

The 1550nm band single-wavelength laser (low power) adopts high-stability semiconductor laser chip, single-mode fiber output, professionally designed drive and temperature control circuit control to ensure the safe and stable operation of the laser.

This is 1550nm SM Fiber laser Benchtop. The output fiber SM or PM is optional, here is equipped with SM fiber. Its laser output power is adjustable, the adjustment accuracy is 1mW, and the adjustment range is 10~100%. And it supports button control and software control. The software control interface.


The laser test data of this narrow linewidth fiber laser system.




The laser line width test, 0.64 MHz.