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405nm Blue-viole Laser Coupled SM Fiber Output

This is a 405nm 80mW single mode fiber laser desktop type. The real-time power is displayed on the LCD screen, and the power can be adjusted by the button on the left.

It can also be customized into modules and controlled by software. Desktop reserved RS232 interface, software control function can be added. This laser quipped with single-mode fiber, PM fiber can also be customized. The fiber output interface is FC/APC by default, and can also be customized with SMA, FC/PC and other models.

The test data sheet of 405nm 80mW laser.



Adjust the laser output power via the button:

Use the left and right buttons to select the value position to be adjusted.
The upper and down buttons adjust the value.
The middle square button determines the adjustment setting.


488nm Single-mode Fiber Laser System Module Type

Today we bring a 488nm single-mode fiber laser module.  This laser adopts semiconductor laser chip, and the professionally designed drive and temperature control circuit temperature control ensures the safe operation of the laser, stable output power and spectrum, and excellent spot quality (TEM00 mode).


This is a modular structure, and the desktop model can also be customized. The laser output power can be adjusted, and the adjustment range is 10% ~ 100%. The laser can be controlled by software, connected to the computer via RS232-USB.


The fiber here is single-mode, and polarization-maintaining fiber can also be customized.

Datasheet of actual measurements of the laser.


The spectrum diagram and power stability test diagram of the laser.