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Laser knowledge summary (Updating…)

Summary of Common Laser Knowledge (to be continuously updated)


☆Laser module — The relationship between the power,brightness and working disance

☆Introduction to the characteristics of laser pointers of various wavelengths (colors)

☆Which color laser beam brightest?

☆Different laser wavelengths which band burning something stronger?

☆Focus adjustable burning laser poitnre


☆Laser beam class level & Laser Safety Classification

☆Various wavelengths of the laser beam/ Laser Knowledge — CivilLaser

☆Comparison of brightness of light spot and beam among lasers of different wavelengths

☆Instructions Small Laser Module With TTL — CivilLaser

☆Most powerful blue laser pointer 445nm 3000mw laser — 2×16340 or 2×18650

☆ Most Powerful burning Green Laser pointer Instructions – 1 x 18650 battery

☆ Powerful blue laser pointer Manual – 2 x 16340 batteries

☆Different wavelength has different light emitting principle.

☆Different laser wavelengths, What are the shape of the laser spot?

☆CivilLaser DPSS Lasers 405nm 457nm 473nm 515nm 520nm 532nm 561nm 589nm 607nm 637nm 671nm

☆Calculation method of laser divergence angle

☆Laser Spatial mode

☆Bonding crystal, optical cement crystal, separated crystal