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C+L Band 26dBm 400mW Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier

With the rapid development of information technology, optical fiber communication has become the cornerstone of modern communication networks. In optical fiber communication systems, erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA) play a vital role, and C+L Band 26dBm erbium-doped fiber amplifier is one of the best.

C+L Band 26dBm Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier is a high-efficiency fiber amplifier that can achieve efficient signal amplification in the C+L band. Its high power output of 26dBm enables the signal to maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio and stability during transmission, effectively reducing signal attenuation and distortion, thus improving the overall performance of the optical fiber communication system.

This is a C+L Band 26dBm EDFA Amplifier. The wavelength Range is 1528~1563nm & 1570~1603nm. The EDFA supports two working modes, ACC and APC, and the two working modes can be switched. In APC mode, the output power can be adjusted. In ACC mode, the operating current can be adjusted. Our desktop EDFA can be controlled by buttons. PC control software can be connected through RS232 serial port.

The test report of this EDFA.





C+L Band 26dBm erbium-doped fiber amplifier is a powerful and excellent optical fiber communication equipment, which plays an irreplaceable role in modern communication networks. With the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of application fields, it will continue to contribute to the development of optical fiber communications.

40dBm 10W High Power Erbium-doped PM Fiber Amplifier

The one in the video is a benchtop 40dBm erbium-doped fiber amplifier. The input and output fibers of the PM amplifier are polarization maintaining fiber PM1550 and the connector keys are aligned the slow axis.

This EDFA is designed to amplify optical signals up to 10W average power for high power applications at 1550nm wavelength range. It supports two working modes: ACC and APC. The two working modes of ACC and APC can be switched. In APC mode, the output power can be adjusted. In ACC mode, the operating current can be adjusted.

The operating current or output power can be adjusted by pressing the button. You can choose the software control function and use the RS232 interface to connect to the software.



The test report of this EDFA.







C-Band 37dBm PM Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier

The C-band high-power polarization-maintaining erbium-doped fiber amplifier is based on the principle of laser amplification of optical signals in erbium-doped fibers, and adopts a unique multi-stage optical amplification design and reliable high-power laser heat dissipation technology to achieve high-power lasers with wavelengths of 1535~1565nm, PM output. It has the advantages of high power, high extinction ratio and low noise, and can be used in optical fiber communication, lidar, etc.

This is a 37dBm polarization maintaining EDFA. Both PM and SM fibers can be customized. The high power erbium-doped fiber amplifier module type has heat sink. We can control the EDFA through software or host computer commands.



The interface of the control software.


The test report of 37dBm EDFA.





2023 New PM Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier

This is a C-Band Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier, high gain and low noise. It is the latest style of 2023, with a silver shell. The heat sink of the fiber amplifier is upward. This is Polarization-Maintaining Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier, SM Fiber EDFA can also be customized.

Polarization-maintaining erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA-PM) is a family of fiber amplifier products dedicated to polarization-maintaining fiber systems. It has the advantages of high gain, low noise, and polarization retention. It supports host computer software control. Need to provide bench-top or rack-mount package, accept parameter customization.

The data sheet of C-Band 27dBm PM EDFA.


It’s Optical Spectrum of Amplified 1550.12nm signal.


Output power VS Pump current curve.


The power stability test @0.5W, 0dBm input, in APC mode.



30dBm EDFA Single-mode Fiber Laser Module

This is a C-Band 30dBm module type EDFA. It is equipped with SMF-28e single-mode fiber, and polarization-maintaining fiber can also be customized. This is a high-power EDFA, with a row of aluminum sheets on one side of the shell for easy heat dissipation. This is a modular design, and desktop EDFA can also be customized. Let’s check it now.

High power erbium doped fiber amplifier (EYDFA-HP-BA),based on amplification technology of double clad erbium doped fiber, unique optical packaging technology, and with reliable hardware light path protection design, realized high power laser output in C band or L band, It has the advantages of high gain and low noise, and can be widely used in CATV, optical fiber communication, laser radar, etc..



The test report & spectrum analysis chart of C-Band 30dBm SM EDFA.

civillaser-high-power-edfa-module-5 civillaser-high-power-edfa-module-6

The relationship between power current and output power.