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C-band 20mW ASE Light Source Micro Module With SM Fiber

The light source outputs a flat spectrum covering the C-band and has moderate output power. At the same time, due to the unique miniaturized design and miniature package, it is the smallest ASE broadband light source at present, which is very suitable for applications in narrow space conditions. Let’s check it now.

This is a C-Band 20mW Micro ASE light Source, 10mW~50mW output power can be customized. After turning on the laser, the green indicator light will light up. And the ASE starts working, with invisible light output in the 1528~1563nm band.


Test data report of the small C-Band 20mW ASE.


Spectrogram and power stability of actual tests.



ASE Broadband Light Source with Two Fiber Outputs

This is a custom ASE broadband light source with built-in circulator. Unlike the standard ASE, this custom ASE has 2 fiber outputs. The two output fibers are the 2nd and 3rd fibers of the circulator. Let’s check it now.

The fiber ASE broadband light source is an incoherent light source, which is the spontaneous radiation generated by the semiconductor laser pumping erbium-doped silica fiber, and the spectral flattening technology is introduced to achieve a broadband flat spectrum. The wavelength of the light source covers the C-band, and the spectral flatness is better than 2dB. It is output through single-mode fiber or polarization-maintaining fiber, which is suitable for applications such as fiber sensing.



CivilLaser can customize various ASE light sources according to customer needs. The wavelength range of C-Band, L-Band, C+L band is optional. Fibers are available in SM and PM. It can be customized whether to add a circulator. The output power can be customized as adjustable power. Software control function can be added. General models are listed on the web page, if you need special customization, please contact us.