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Innovative Progress of 10kW Pulsed Nanosecond Fiber Laser in 1550nm Band

1550nm nanosecond pulse laser system. This high-power nanosecond laser is equipped with 2 fibers. The Ouput fiber below is the normal laser output fiber. The Monitor fiber above is a signal synchronization fiber, used for synchronizing optical signals, with a peak power of about 10mW. The signal can be built-in or external input. The yellow interface here is the signal input interface. This laser uses an external signal. You can only control the current through the button, but not the signal frequency. Let’s check it now.

The pulse width is adjustable from 3 to 200 ns, and the repetition frequency is adjustable from 1 to 3000 kHz.

The laser can be controlled via buttons. It can also be controlled through software, via RS232-USB and PC software link.


The  is a shining star in modern industrial technology. Its high power output and precise nanosecond pulse control make it an ideal choice for material processing, scientific research experiments and other fields. With its unique fiber structure, this laser achieves high efficiency, long life and stability, bringing revolutionary changes to industrial production. In the future, it will continue to lead the new trend of laser technology and contribute to scientific and technological progress and industrial development.

The test data of 1550nm nanosecond high-power laser.




1550nm 10KW Peak Power Pulse Nanosecond Fiber Laser

Today our laboratory introduces a 1550nm 10kW nanosecond pulse fiber laser. It is a modular design, the size is 100x100x30 mm. This nanosecond laser module uses an external signal source, and customers can also customize the built-in signal source.  The average power is 2W. And the single pulse energy is 100uJ. Let’s check it now.

The high-power nanosecond pulse fiber laser uses a high-power gain fiber module and cooperates with a dedicated drive and temperature control circuit to output high-peak and high-energy laser pulses. The laser wavelength and power are stable, RS232 serial port remote control, modular design facilitates system integration, and can be used for laser radar, distributed optical fiber sensing systems, etc.

Nanosecond fiber laser is a laser device with extremely high time resolution. The nanosecond-level pulse width enables the laser beam to reach extremely high peak power in a very short time, thereby achieving precise and rapid processing of the target. At the same time, by adjusting the repetition frequency, continuous or intermittent laser output can be achieved to meet the needs of different applications.

The test data and spectral diagram of 1550nm 10kW high-power nanosecond laser.






1550nm Nanosecond Pulse Fiber Ultra-fast Laser Module

This is 1550nm nanosecond laser module with DC 5V power adapter. Single-mode fiber output, peak power is 10W. It can output synchronous electrical signal. The built-in trigger is used by default, and the signal frequency and signal pulse width are set by software.



This nanosecond laser is controlled by software. Three parameters of current, repetition frequency and pulse width can be set. The maximum repetition rate is 100kHz. The maximum pulse width is 30 nanoseconds.


Simply check whether the laser is outputting normally, the 1550nm infrared laser spot can be seen on the infrared photosensitive film, and the laser is working normally.

This is a test data report for the nanosecond laser module.