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Ultra Narrow Linewidth 3kHz PM Fiber Laser Source

This is a 1550nm 50mW PM fiber laser source. The output power can be adjusted, and the adjustment accuracy is 0.1mW. This is a narrow linewidth laser with a spectral bandwidth of less 3kHz. Customizable software control function, using RS232 communication serial port. Standard version with button control, control switch, adjust the power size. PM1550 polarization maintaining fiber is installed, and SM single-mode fiber can also be customized. Let’s check it now.

Single frequency narrow linewidth fiber laser adopts rare earth doped fiber DFB laser cavity structure, output single longitudinal mode laser with wavelength of 1550nm, spectral linewidth is less than 3kHz, output spectral side mode suppression ratio exceeds 60dB, can provide module or desktop package, is distributed Ideal laser source for applications such as sensing.




The test report of 1550nm 50mW 3kHz PM fiber laser.



This is the line width test, the actual measurement is 0.95kHz.


532nm 1W DPSS TEM00 Lab Laser

It is 532nm DPSS laser source. This laser source can be controlled by software. The connection of the laser and the PC software, using the RS232 communication protocol. The laser supports two modes of operation CW/Modulation, and an external signal input is required when switching to Modulation. Here is the free space output, and it is also possible to customize the fiber-coupled laser. Let’s check it now.

Software operation.
Click the [Open COM] button to connect the control circuit on the laser.
Multiple laser operating parameters can be viewed/set in the software.
As a special reminder, it is necessary to set a maximum working current parameter according to the current laser first, so as to avoid the current of the later regulation being too high and damaging the laser.