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1550nm 1MHz Spectral Linewidth Laser PM1550 Fiber Output

The 1550nm band single-wavelength laser (low power) adopts high-stability semiconductor laser chip, single-mode or polarization maintaining fiber output, professionally designed drive and temperature control circuit control to ensure the safe and stable operation of the laser.

It is  a 1550nm 20mW fiber laser source benchtop. PM1550 polarization maintaining fiber is installed, and SM single-mode fiber can also be customized. The output power can be adjusted, and the adjustment accuracy is 0.1mW. This is a narrow linewidth laser with a spectral bandwidth of less than 1MHz. Narrow linewidth lasers at the kHz level can also be customized.
Software control function can be customized,using RS232 communication serial port. Default only supports button control. The standard version is controlled by buttons to control the switch and adjust the power.


The test report for this fiber laser.



SM Fiber Laser System SLD Broadband Light Source

SLD broadband light source adopts super radiant semiconductor diode light-emitting chip, which outputs broadband spectrum with low coherence degree and high output optical power spectral density. The operating wavelength can be selected from O, S, C, L and other bands, suitable for optical OCT, optical fiber sensing applications.

This is a 1550nm 10mW SLD light source of module type. It is equipped with a single mode fiber. It can be customized power adjustable version. When the power adjustment is selected, the power adjustment is controlled through the RS232 serial communication. The standard version is a fixed power mode, the light source is controlled by the button. We tested it with an infrared photosensitive film, and we could see a light spot.


The test data report and spectrum of 1550nm light source.



1550nm Nanosecond Pulse Fiber Ultra-fast Laser Module

This is 1550nm nanosecond laser module with DC 5V power adapter. Single-mode fiber output, peak power is 10W. It can output synchronous electrical signal. The built-in trigger is used by default, and the signal frequency and signal pulse width are set by software.



This nanosecond laser is controlled by software. Three parameters of current, repetition frequency and pulse width can be set. The maximum repetition rate is 100kHz. The maximum pulse width is 30 nanoseconds.


Simply check whether the laser is outputting normally, the 1550nm infrared laser spot can be seen on the infrared photosensitive film, and the laser is working normally.

This is a test data report for the nanosecond laser module.