880nm 20W Fiber Laser Source NIR Invisiable Laser


This is 880nm 20W high power infrared laser. A fiber coupling interface is added to the laser output port, which can be inserted into a fiber. A cooling device is added at the bottom of the laser module, which is composed of aluminum sheet and cooling fans. The laser supports CW continuous work and modulation work mode, which can be adjusted by the slider button on the back of the laser power supply.

880nm-20w-fiber-coupled-laser-1 880nm-20w-fiber-coupled-laser-3

The optical fiber is pluggable, the default fiber interface is FC/PC, and the fiber interface can be customized. The Adjustor button on the power supply is used to adjust the working current, so as to adjust the laser output power. Let’s check it now.

The 880nm laser is a near-infrared laser, basically invisible, only a faint red dot can be seen on the light shield.