1064nm 15W Semiconductor Laser with Radiator Extend the Working Time


This is a laser system that adjusts the power by adjusting the current. To adjust the current, turn the ‘Adjustor’ knob clockwise, when the current exceeds the min working current, the Laser indicator turns green, and there is laser output. ‘Adjustor’ rotates clockwise to the end, which is the max working current and the max output power of the laser. In addition, the red STOP button is used for emergency stop, and it is not needed under normal circumstances. Let’s check it now.

This is a 1064nm 15W high power infrared laser. An aluminum heat sink is installed under the laser module, which can effectively extend the continuous working time. The radiator is equipped with two cooling fans. There is a small power interface on the side of the data cable close to the laser head for the cooling fan. In addition, the Lock crystal head cannot be pulled out. External signal Mod Input, no need to connect in CW mode. The IR laser supports 3 working modes: CW/TTL/Analog. The above video demonstrates CW working mode.



1064nm is invisible to the human eye. We use an infrared photosensitive film to view the light spot.

Safety reminder:
Wear laser safety glasses when operating high-power lasers.
Laser irradiation of human eyes and skin is prohibited.