915nm 3W IR MM Fiber Coupled Laser System


Usually we often see visible lasers, but few people will test infrared invisible lasers. Today we tested a 915nm infrared laser and its output power of 3000mW. Then when it is coupled through the fiber, what is the output power of the fiber end? Let’s check it now.

The optical fiber can be customized. 100μm~1000μm fiber is optional, the coupling efficiency of different fibers will be somewhat different. The larger the core diameter, the higher the coupling efficiency, usually the coupling efficiency is 80%~90 percent. In addition, the fiber length and interface also can be customzied. Here is 1000μm, SMA interface fiber.

The output power of the laser is adjustable from 0 to 3000mW, which can be adjusted by the knob. It supports 3 working modes, CW/TTL/Analog, switch the working mode on the back of the laser power supply. In TTL/Analog modulation mode, an external modulation signal needs to be connected.



The 915nm laser is an infrared laser, invisible light, we use an infrared sensitive film to observe. Faint light spots can also be photographed with a camera.