940nm 30W Software Control IR Fiber Laser Module


It is a 940nm IR fiber couled laser module. Its output power is up to 30W and it has two built-in cooling fans. The one shown in our laboratory today can be controlled by software. It means that we can control the output power on the computer.

High-power laser light source is based on high-performance semiconductor laser chip, 105/125μm fiber coupling output. The professionally designed constant current drive and temperature control circuit ensure the safe and stable operation of the laser. Ideal for medical research, fiber laser pumping, and other production testing.

The following are several sets of data we tested today:

Set the working current to 500mA, the laser output power to 194mW, and the laser spot can be seen on the infrared observation card.
The current is set to 2000mA and the laser power is close to 5W. When the laser shines on the sponge, white smoke will emit directly.
The current is set to 6000mA and the laser power exceeds 15W. When the laser shines on the cardboard, it can ignite quickly.

The interface to the control software.


The parameter table and spectral diagram of 940nm laser.



The relationship between operating current and output laser.


Warm reminder: Although this is an infrared laser, it has very high power. You must wear infrared laser protective glasses when operating it.