40dBm 10W High Power Erbium-doped PM Fiber Amplifier

The one in the video is a benchtop 40dBm erbium-doped fiber amplifier. The input and output fibers of the PM amplifier are polarization maintaining fiber PM1550 and the connector keys are aligned the slow axis.

This EDFA is designed to amplify optical signals up to 10W average power for high power applications at 1550nm wavelength range. It supports two working modes: ACC and APC. The two working modes of ACC and APC can be switched. In APC mode, the output power can be adjusted. In ACC mode, the operating current can be adjusted.

The operating current or output power can be adjusted by pressing the button. You can choose the software control function and use the RS232 interface to connect to the software.



The test report of this EDFA.