Technical Characteristics and Application Fields of 980nm 500mW TEM00 Laser


In today’s laser technology field, the 980nm 500mW TEM00 semiconductor laser has become the focus of scientific researchers and technicians with its unique optical properties and wide application prospects. This laser provides strong technical support for research and applications in many fields with its high-precision and high-efficiency laser output.

The working wavelength of this laser is set at 980nm, which is a wavelength in the infrared spectrum and has excellent penetration capabilities into biological tissues, so it has extremely high application value in the biomedical field. For example, in photodynamic therapy, laser surgery and fluorescence imaging, 980nm laser can effectively penetrate biological tissue and achieve precise treatment or observation of deep tissue. The laser power is adjustable from 0~500mW. It supports CW & TTL two working modes.


More importantly, this laser uses TEM00 mode output, the spot size is about 0.7mm. TEM00 mode means that the transverse electric field and magnetic field distribution of the light spot are both zero-order modes, that is, the light spot is the fundamental mode distribution, the spot size is uniform, and the energy is concentrated. This mode of laser has extremely high beam quality and stability, ensuring that the laser maintains a small divergence angle and high energy density during transmission and focusing, thereby achieving more precise laser processing and measurement.



To sum up, the 980nm TEM00 semiconductor laser has become a shining pearl in the field of laser technology today with its unique optical properties and wide application prospects. Whether in the fields of biomedicine, materials processing or scientific research, it has shown strong application potential and value.