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405nm SM Fiber Laser Controlled by Button Operational Demo

This is a video about a desktop laser with button control of the laser output. we demonstrate with a 405nm 20mW SM fiber laser. It is controlled by buttons by default, and it can also be controlled by software. The laser is equipped with single-mode fiber output, and polarization-maintaining fiber output can also be customized. It has LCD display, real-time display of current power. The power is adjustable, and the adjustment accuracy is 0.1mW. Let’s check it now.

Adjust the laser output power:
Press the middle square button to enter setup mode.
The left and right arrow buttons are used to select the digital position to be adjusted.
The up and down arrow buttons are used to adjust the size of the numbers.
Finally press the middle square button to save and exit the settings.
When the key is turned ON, the Active indicator lights up, indicating that there is laser output.


This laser adopts semiconductor laser chip, and the professionally designed drive and temperature control circuit temperature control ensures the safe operation of the laser, stable output power and spectrum, and excellent spot quality (TEM00 mode).

The test data report and optical spectrum of 405nm fiber laser source.

civillaser-405nm-20mw-sm-fiber-laser-4 civillaser-405nm-20mw-sm-fiber-laser-5



1550nm Nanosecond Pulse Fiber Ultra-fast Laser Module

This is 1550nm nanosecond laser module with DC 5V power adapter. Single-mode fiber output, peak power is 10W. It can output synchronous electrical signal. The built-in trigger is used by default, and the signal frequency and signal pulse width are set by software.



This nanosecond laser is controlled by software. Three parameters of current, repetition frequency and pulse width can be set. The maximum repetition rate is 100kHz. The maximum pulse width is 30 nanoseconds.


Simply check whether the laser is outputting normally, the 1550nm infrared laser spot can be seen on the infrared photosensitive film, and the laser is working normally.

This is a test data report for the nanosecond laser module.